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Our Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is open to the public from dawn until dusk.

Labyrinths are sacred spaces. They have existed in every age and faith tradition throughout time as a response to the human need for meditation, healing, and connection to God.

There is no right way to walk the Labyrinth except to walk with an open heart and open mind. Step around others as you need to or pause at a turning to let someone pass.

Walking on this path helps quiet and empty the mind. Many walkers find it helpful to think of the journey toward the center as a time to release cares and concerns to become open to the present moment, from which guidance can come. 

The center can be a place for prayer and reflection, a place to receive what the Spirit has to offer. Walking out on the same path can empower the walker to find and do the work for which the soul is searching.

What is it to be a spiritual pilgrim but to give one's self over to the journey, to the path, to let go of the trying, and to simply be led?


Three Stages of the Walk

Purgation (upon entering): a releasing and letting go of the details of one's life; shedding thoughts and emotions; quieting and emptying the mind; setting an intuition

Illumination (the center): pausing for meditation and prayer

Union (upon exiting): joining with God, a higher power, or the healing forces in the world; becoming more empowered to find and to the work for which the soul searches

If you would like to schedule an event or group walk please contact us below.

Guests are invited to park at "the church next door"

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

177 Princeton-Hightstown Road

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